It’s On! (Free Internet TV – Watch TV Online)

With the advent of broadband internet came the discovery and usage of multimedia content and videos. With the ability to have faster access to videos and resources, the Internet stands at a crossroads – capable of so much more then already possible. Fortunately, we now have the ability to watch television and videos online from the safety and convenience of our own homes.

There are many sites that allow visitors to watch videos at their comfort and choosing, and these are called videos on demand, while other such choices allow visitors to watch real live television channels using an ordinary browser and internet connection. We will discuss the various possibilities in this article.

Videos on Demand

Videos on demand are basically videos or other diverse media that can be watched, stopped and re-watched at any point in time according to the users preference. Formally, the content available in this format were limited, but now major broadcasters realize that the television is just one way to reach an audience. And the internet and computers can be used to gain a greater scope of audience. Here are just a few of the available choices:

ABC Online Australia (


CNN News Reel ([])

NBC Innertube (

Television Online

Television on-line uses a similar system as videos on demand, but instead of static videos, it delivers a constantly changing and live like streaming of content and programs. There are a few sites offering these features, but again you have to be weary as some are scams. There are a few free ones, and three are ones that are asking users to pay for the very same free content. So I’ll list a few free ones here:

FreeTube (

WWiiTV ([])


The Future of TV is Moving Online

The world of IT is entering the satellite and cable television competition. IPTV is the newest form of television following high-definition. IPTV is simply internet protocol television. It is sometimes also referred to as internet TV or online TV.

Just the fact that another service is entering the market place is beneficial to the consumer. Having a new service or vendor to choose from will make it necessary for the current satellite and cable companies to review their quality of service and price menu. When that happens, the consumer wins.

Currently, online TV is best known for video on demand shows. The advancements being developed will move to offering live television and time shifted programming. Having internet access is all you need to enjoy internet TV. With the new developments, it will also be possible to view everything on your TV with the use of a set top box, similar to a cable box.

The IPTV set top box works by decoding IP video and converting it to standard television signals, making it possible to view on any television set. This will make the IPTV service convenient and usable for all television consumers. IPTV can also be viewed on a mobile phone or gaming system with internet access.

The business uses of IPTV have not been as widely discussed, with the main focus being on private consumers. For businesses, IPTV can offer improved employee training and communications at separate locations. It will also make it possible for retail establishments, retail stores or restaurants, to play TV for their customers while still being able to choose exactly what programs are being aired. For many businesses this is a necessity, when deciding to add TV viewing for their customers, to avoid inappropriate material.

Whether you are a private consumer or a business, it is worth your time to be aware of the upcoming features and accessibility of IPTV online TV. It is possible you will enjoy more features or a higher quality of service with IPTV. Or maybe just a lower price from your current cable provider to keep you as a customer.

Either way now is not the time for you to sit back and keep the same service because it is what you have had for years. No one can afford loyalty without accountability any longer. Find out what is available and how the new services can work for you.

As you can see, there are going to be major changes in the internet, online and TV world that need to be noticed now or in the near future. Making the switch, just might be mandatory down the road as it was mandatory to get rid of the “rabbit ears” as your means to watching TV. I know not most of you can do this, but atleast researching and knowing what is available to you is a must before you get left out in the dark watching a black or snowy TV screen.

Don’t forget as well, because of online and internet TV, you will be able to use it just like you would your computer. Meaning, you will be able to not only watch your favorite TV shows, but you will be able to access your email, videos and your most used social networking sites.

How and Where to Watch TV Online

The days of the television could be numbered. Statistics show that people are spending more and more time in front of their computers, which will soon replace the trusty TV as the nation’s number one form of entertainment.

While the potential of web video has always been apparent, but it not until recently that it has begun to match more traditional visual entertainment in terms of quality.

And the fact that computers offer so much more are making them an increasingly popular way to watch TV shows. Instead of waiting with bated breath for the next episode of your favorite series, or ruing the loss of an episode missed, you can have it all on demand at the internet.

The mention of watching TV shows and movies on the internet still can still have some connotations of shady practices such as torrenting pirated material and poor quality products. However, that is changing fast and internet TV is hitting the mainstream.

With fast connection speeds and technologies such as DivX you can watch high quality television and you can do it with a clear conscience.

Television networks have come to recognize the potential of the internet as a medium for broadcasting television shows. Networks like NBC, ABC and CBS allow you to stream TV shows if you have missed them on television. They are often posted on websites about one day after it airs on TV.

This is ideal if you miss an episode as you can go back and watch it any time. However, these streams are extremely popular and you may experience bad lag while attempting to stream the show if it aired recently. Shows usually stay online for about a week and are only available to United States residents.

Another option is Peer to Peer TV (P2PTV). The emergence of websites such as has made these a popular option for watching TV online. You will normally have to download a special client to watch these as the technology is similar to torrenting. Unlike torrenting the content is streamed, and not downloaded onto your hard drive so you may experience some lag at peak times.

It is now also possible to stream live television as it happens. Like P2PTV you need a client to do this and because it is live, shows are not available on demand. These services are especially popular for live music and sports events.

The internet being what it is, there are many options for watching TV shows and movies online. Torrenting clients are hugely popular but the legality and ethics of this practice are questionable, and it is a notorious way of infecting your computer with viruses. Many TV shows are also available to stream from ‘unofficial’ sources, but again this practice is questionable.

Create Your Own Online Marketing "TV" Station

It will happen! TV and the Internet will eventually merge into one giant multi-media “melting pot” that includes everything from live footage and old reruns to garage videos posted by your next door neighbor’s kid. Just like cable TV fractured network TV, the Internet will enable everyone with a voice, a video camera, and something to say to fracture cable TV even more. But the real TV revolution on the Internet will only happen when marketers stop trying to copy TV, with its commercials and outdated modes of revenue generation, and start copying the “pay-per-view” and “infomercial” models.

One company at has started offering television broadcasts from around the world via Internet streaming. The free software (with optional one-time $25 upgrade) allows you to stream TV feeds from around the world to your desktop through a broadband connection. The picture rates a “C+” on the quality side, but, just like Internet telephony 6 years ago, you can expect the quality to improve quickly. If they can keep costs down long enough to figure out how to make money, this company will likely succeed because they provide programming that’s virtually impossible to get anywhere else.

But, for the rest of us “mortals” who want to stream our images, video, and audio across the Web, trying to provide “live TV” broadcasts spells the kiss of death in both time and money. For the vast majority of companies doing business online, it will prove virtually impossible to get a meaningful number of people to show up to a website at “8:00 P.M. Eastern” for tonight’s live “TV” broadcast. But what will work online is adopting the “pay-per-view” model found in hotels where you watch the program you want, when you want. Offering website visitors video content they can download, start, stop, play, pause, and view on their own schedule holds the key to online “TV” success. I hate to make this overly simplistic, but bottom line: an effective online “TV Station” only needs a basic website and the ability to allow “viewers” to download or stream video files.

All of us get two basic options when it comes to creating content to deliver from our “TV Station” website. First, you can do “screen capture” video, which combines video of the action taking place on your computer screen with your voice as narration, to create excellent instructional content. You then allow viewers to download this “TV program” from your website either free or for a free. Two programs enable you to do this quickly and easily: “Screen Cam Generator” from and “Camtasia” from

Your second option involves using full-motion video, either from a web-cam or a camcorder. The content most easily gets published online either as a WMV file (Windows Media Video) played with Microsoft’s Media Player, or FLV file (Flash Video) played with the free Flash “plug-in” found in most Web browsers.

Regardless of which option you choose, remember: unlike traditional TV, successful models of “TV-style” content online will empower the viewer to watch when and where they choose.

Copyright 2005 Jim Edwards

You Can Get Around ISP Shaping and Still Watch TV Online

All around the world ISPs have discovered that Bit Torrent is taking a toll on their networks, and have started to restrict the traffic, especially during peak times. What this means for the average user that uses torrents is that downloads could be slow or even worse stop all together during peak times. It also means that you may not be able to watch your favorite TV show when you want to. There is an alternative: watch  TV   online  via streaming technology.

What is shaping, exactly?

Shaping, put simply, is the restriction of certain traffic. This may occur during peak times or all the time. How ISPs do this depends on their technical people, but they target the items that are putting the most load on their network, and Bit Torrent is at the top of the list at present, since it is putting the most load on networks. As an example, Comcast in the United States, still allows torrent users to download shows but they do not allow seeding. Whereas Atlantic Broadband restricts Bit Torrent bandwidth, effectively slowing down downloads. They are well within their rights to do this, because they have to cater for all users and during peak periods, especially, they could restrict certain traffic.

How do you get around shaping?

There are a couple of ways to get around shaping, actually. The first way is the encrypt your torrent to fool the ISP. You have to be cluey to do this, but it is possible. The other way is to find an alternative way of getting the data to your computer.

Streaming and why the ISP’s see it as different.

Without getting too technical, to an ISP video streaming looks like normal traffic. The computer language it uses, known as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), is very similar to HTTP protocol which most websites use in one form or another. Because it is so similar they don’t focus on it the way they do with Bit Torrent. For all intensive purposes streaming is invisible to the ISPs and it therefore flies under the radar.

What are the disadvantages?

There are some disadvantages to using streaming, as there are with any alternative technologies. During peak periods, the same time the ISPs are madly shaping their traffic, it is possible that the image will be jerky or lower in quality. During off peak periods this shouldn’t be an issue.

How can I use streaming to watch  TV   online ?

There are two main ways you can use streaming to watch a  TV  show  online . The first is via the network’s website, if you are in the country of origin for the show. The other way is to use a client, which is actually very similar to using a client to download via Bit Torrent. Once the client is on your computer you can pick the channel you wish to watch. The great advantage in going with a client is that you can watch  TV  shows  online  in real time, and you aren’t restricted to the country of origin. Be careful, though, there are two types of clients, on type uses torrenting methods and is known as Peer to Peer TV or P2PTV, and the other is a streaming client. The one you are after is the latter, because it’s the one that gets around shaping.

Streaming is most probably the best way around ISP shaping if you want to watch  TV   online . If your ISP does restrict traffic, consider this alternative, and I’m sure you’ll soon be back to watching the TV shows you want to watch.

Smash Your TV. Watch Television Programs Online.

Get ready to bid the old cable box a cheery “adios,” because we have entered the era of online television programming. The best part: Unlike your cable services, online television costs nothing.

When your nerdy, techie friends anxiously push their thick-rimmed glasses up to the bridges of their noses and pant, “It’s all about convergence, you know. All about convergence,” listen carefully to their tone even if you do not understand their words. Broadband technology and the fierce competition between Google and Apple has accelerated the pace of television-internet convergence almost to the speed of light. If you cannot allow a week to pass without your dose of “Gossip Girl” and “Modern Family,” you know you can watch them online just 24 hours after they broadcast, and the online tv shows do not stop for commercials. You are the proof that it really is all about convergence. 

Online television shows organized, classified, rated, and ready.

At least three major websites offer literally thousands of movies and television programs-hundreds of thousands, actually. Of course, the best sites feature remarkably friendly user interfaces and easy search commands. Your techie friends probably can show you how to order pizza through your computer while you watch the full and uncut early episodes of “Star Trek.” Better than the Library of Congress, the best sites for online television shows organize their content not only alphabetically but also chronologically, by genre, by actor, and by viewers’ rankings. With a few simple mouse-clicks, you can watch the cry-worthy romantic comedy all the popular girls are watching, sighing wistfully at the hero just as they do. More adventurous viewers find more obscure and arcane websites offering international and niche viewing; you can search by language, nation-of-origin, or content specialty. And, of course, you would be just foolishly naïve if you did not acknowledge many sites are dedicated to purveying porn.

The sites devoted to online television programs are set to keep pace with television technology, so that many programs already are available in high-definition, and the best sites add more HD shows every day. 3D has yet to hit the online television sites simply because demand has not yet caught-up with supply. When the 3D flat screen goes up on your wall, you may choose to connect it directly to your keyboard and modem, because the content will be there. The sophisticated technology on the sites does come with a natural disadvantage: the best online television sites may overdrive older computers or fail on DSL modems. If you run afoul of those problems, only one word applies: Upgrade.

So, what about this “convergence” thing?

Priced at just under $100, Apple TV is already in stores. A compact little box filled with miracle microcircuits, Apple TV brings you digital content on-demand, featuring programs from all the major networks and the most popular cable stations. In the jargon, Apple TV marks the spot where the web and television converge. Apple is the least expensive; Google is the most powerful. Due out almost any day, Google TV rings-up at about $300, and it offers fully searchable programming with more 100,000 movies and programming from more than a dozen of the most popular networks. Both Apple and Google are reaching new agreements with content providers almost every day, so that the old cable box has no prayer of keeping-up. The nerds are right. It is all about convergence.

Watch Satellite TV Online – Guide To Endless Entertainment

Not everyone knows how to set up their computers to watch satellite  TV   online . They either are not informed or do not know how to find the right information to get started. So what happens as a result is people take on a “see what happens” stand or just go crazy about purchasing every system out there that promises to deliver satellite TV to their homes. These are not exactly the best options. It is important to know how to find the right tool to watch satellite  TV   online  and to optimize the  TV  viewing experience.

By now, you may have at least heard that the way to get your computer ready for you to watch satellite  TV   online  is to run a PC satellite  TV  software that can be downloaded from the internet. There are a couple of things you must check against the requirements of the software. You need to take note of your PC specifications such as how much RAM your computer has, what is the CPU processing speed and how fast is your modem connection. Tally these with the software requirements and if your PC does meet them, the software would function properly. Be absolutely careful with this as people who do not pay attention to these end up with a piece of software that is worthless to them since they are not compatible at all.

Other than knowing what are the PC requirements, you may wish to know that there are probably dozens of PC satellite  TV  software packages to watch satellite  TV   online . It can be challenging if you do not know which is good and suitable for your needs. I would share with you some useful tips to sieve out an excellent PC satellite TV package from an average one that can meet your needs. Be sure also to check out my mini-series that tells you all about PC satellite TV software.

1. Always check the number of TV stations listed in the software package. Since there are several software applications that provide thousands of satellite TV stations, go for these ones.

2. Look at the variety of TV stations. Make sure that it covers a wide range so that your whole family benefits from that. Frankly speaking, this is the best way to get the most out of the deal. But if you are using it for your own personal use, and it does not really bother you if there are kids programs or others, then it would not matter much to you. But if you want variety, go for those that provide TV shows, movies, music videos, local and world news, LIVE sports channels and so on.

3. Software handling must be easy. What this means is the installation must be simple and does not require you to be highly computer-savvy in order to install. It also means that using the software subsequently to watch satellite  TV   online  must not be a painful experience. Rather, it needs to be so straightforward that you can teach a 9 year old kid to use.

4. Customer support and services need to be there for you when you need them. Also, it is good and assuring to go with software support that knows their stuff well.

5. Software cost is one factor which definitely play an important part in your decision making process. Cheap does not mean good. So even if a software vendor offers low-priced PC satellite TV software to you, it is not a guarantee that it is a great product. Neither is it so for an expensive one. To be on the safe side, never pay above $70. That said, it depends on your budget and how the software fares in other aspects.

This article more or less covers the few more crucial factors to consider when you want to watch satellite  TV   online  with software. It would be beneficial to you when you check each software option against the criteria listed. Sign up for my free satellite  TV  mini-series to keep yourself well-informed about the latest development in satellite  TV  technology and also find out which is the best deal now for PC satellite  TV  software to watch satellite  TV   online .

How to Watch Television Online

Watching television shows   online  used to be quite difficult, with many websites offering lots of  tv  shows and movies for download. The problem was that these were illegal, and to download anything from them was dangerous. With the recent release of the BBC Iplayer in the UK, illegal downloading of television shows could be over.

The BBC Iplayer, allows you to watch British television shows like, Eastenders and Little Britain for free. This service is now also available for other UK channels like ITV1 and Sky digital channels like Sky One. With these new services, downloading from illegal websites is not necessary any more. These websites are still online today, offering new cinema released movies for download. If you have ever downloaded any of these movies, you will probably know that the quality of these movies are bad. Most of these are filmed inside the movie theater with a dvd recordable handheld camera, this usually cuts half of the screen from view, and turns out that it ruins the experience of the movie you waited months to see.

In recent years with this turning into a really big problem for big movie producers like Universal and Disney, the movies are released on to DVD format within three to four months. This has had an effect on the illegal movie websites as people don’t have to wait nine to twelve months for the movies DVD release. Also in Europe, lots of internet providers are now placing the, “three strikes and your out” policy on their service. This means that if you are caught downloading illegal material, ie music and movies three times, you are banned for life from your internet provider. Virgin Media is one of the first to be placing this policy in the UK and other European countries.

If you are thinking of downloading material, use legal websites like ITunes and Napster, these offer music, movies and tv shows.

Watch Spanish TV Online and Learn Spanish

It’s a fun idea. Learn Spanish while you watch Spanish TV shows online. Lots of people are doing it. There are hundreds of online sites that show all sorts of Spanish language TV these days. Here are some tips for making the most of your viewing time.

Find the Right Spanish TV Show Online

Yes, there are plenty to choose from, and they are all different. Your goal will be to find one that is at a beginning level to start. That might mean watching a children’s show first, or even watching one that features English subtitles. As you become accustomed to the speed of the speaking, and the accents, you will find that you actually can begin to understand single words, and then more and more phrases.

Study Spanish With Destinos

This program is now available online, and it is actually a Spanish language learning program set in soap opera style. It is actually entertaining, and free. You can also get transcripts of the program, so that you can study in depth.

Watch Internet TV Channels From Spain

You can see local TV shows from various cities in Spain. This is a great way to immerse yourself in culture and to practice your listening skills at the same time.

Watch Community TV Channels Online

Community TV channels are an excellent source for learning about local news, events, and people. Often, people learning TV skills operate Spanish community channels. The programs feature community oriented topics rather than general news topics. Local people often create programs for local people. The advantage to linking into the Spanish community is that it gives you chances for local Spanish language immersion. You will get to know your local Spanish community much better, and be able to practice your Spanish as you participate in local events.

Watch Classic Spanish TV Shows Online

The classic Spanish TV shows are some of the best to watch because they give you a new outlook on native Spanish speaking people. Included in this category are historical dramas, historical romances, the best of comedy, and variety shows featuring excellent instrumentalists, singers, dancers, and dramatic performers.

There is no reason to limit yourself to your online Spanish learning course when you can enjoy so many other online opportunities to immerse yourself in the Spanish language. So, sit down at your computer, and enjoy a show.

Download TV Shows – How to Download TV Shows Online

Are you looking for away to download the latest TV shows on your PC? Maybe you’ve missed an episode of your favorite program? Or maybe you just want to start watching that new series all your friends have been talking about? If so, downloading TV shows from your computer is easy if you know where to look. But as with everything on the internet, there are a lot of scams and useless websites. But follow a few simple rules and you will find a great service to download TV shows from.

Firstly, you should try to avoid downloading TV shows from ‘torrent’ sites. Although it’s always tempting to download something for free, these sites are usually unregulated, so the files on them can be full of spyware and viruses. You can join a great paid site for a very small one time fee, which you can download TV shows from for the rest of your life.

Next, when searching for a service, check what they have available to download. The best websites out there will have more than 80 million files all available for you to download. Also look for a service which has Music, Movies and Games as well as TV shows so you can get the most out of the service you’re using.

Finally, you should make sure the site has a customer support service in case you have any problems or questions you need answering and that they have a money back guarantee. The better websites will have a 24/7 customer support service and up to a 6 week money back guarantee.